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Join the Future!

Welcome to Nebula Teams! We combine our passion for soccer with a commitment to providing your player with the best possible soccer team experience without the overwhelming politics that can be associated with other clubs. Nebula Soccer is the perfect choice for both beginners and advanced players seeking a team that prioritizes flexibility, team building, commitment, and growth. Allow us to help your player to develop not only their soccer skills but also valuable life lessons they can carry with them forever.

Our Focus: 

  • Flexibility - We understand that having a balanced life includes juggling between school, family, work, and soccer. 

  • Development- We ensure constant improvement in player skills and game knowledge to help them reach their maximum potential.

  • Team Building - By fostering a supportive and collaborative team environment, every player can grow and contribute to the team's success.​

  • Growth - At Nebula Soccer, personal and soccer skill development are at the forefront, enabling children to learn life lessons and become well-rounded individuals.

  • Team Goals - Understanding that different teams have different goals and commitment levels, we work together to develop and achieve these goals for each team, avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach.

How Does it Work?

Nebula Teams is the perfect way for youth soccer players to stay connected and hone their skills. Sign up today and get access to 25 private sessions at Nebula's most affordable rate. Plus, when there are 8 players in your age group that sign up, those players will get free weekly 1hr group sessions until April 2024.  The sooner there is a group of 8, the more group sessions the group will have. Don't delay and seize the opportunity to enroll in this cost-effective program.

  1. Join Nebula Teams

  2. Book your private sessions

  3. Once there are 8 players in your age group, you will be contacted about free weekly group sessions. 

  4. Once there are enough players in each age group, your team will form.

11v11 - 14

9v9 - 12

7v7 - 10

This is the most affordable session offering that Nebula Soccer offers.

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