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Kristen Perman
I want to express our gratitude for Keegan's support of Maddie over these past 2 years. It was a HUGE step for her to join Coach Keegan's team, both personally to step out of her comfort zone and as a soccer player who loved the game but needed help to develop as a player. In addition, Coach Keegan's customized 1:1 sessions and targeted "homework" have been very motivating and critical to her development. She's grown in confidence and skill. Anyone who has the privilege of working with young people has an amazing opportunity to guide and influence, and that shouldn't be taken lightly. It's clear Coach Keegan holds that very dear.
Jean Liew
We just want to THANK YOU for being such a dedicated and inspiring coach to Mabel. She has grown so much, with you encouraging and supporting her! And we really appreciate you giving her the opportunity to join the team and be her best! You are an important part in her learning and soccer journey.”
Schimmelbusch Family  
"Thank you so much for all you have done for Sean, we have seen him grow so much with your help. I know Sean will use all he has learned from you in the future." "Keegan you have been an amazing coach and I have learned so much from you on and off the field." "Thank you for being such a positive influence on Sean. You pushed him, encouraged him and taught him so many beneficial life lessons."

Ben and Brendan Dobbs 
Coach Keegan is the most well-rounded coach I've met.  He's able to motivate kids to set and accomplish their goals, not just on the soccer field, but off it as well.  His ability to understand the finer details of what makes a player great and help his team work hard to be their best has really helped our son improve massively. 

Thad and Lucas Shelton
Your professionalism and calm demeanor provided a positive learning environment that allowed the boys to achieve their highest potential.  We really appreciate your depth of knowledge and the new training techniques.  It was great to see Lucas develop as a player and as a leader under your mentorship.  Occasionally in life we are blessed to meet someone with your character that makes us all better.  Thank you for all the hard work and sacrifice!  

Sara and Danny Katz
Keegan is an AMAZING coach!  He has taught my son skills that have definitely improved his passing, shooting, and technique. Keegan is also very kind, patient, and encouraging. He is a great role model and is always on time for trainings. He is simply the best!

Parker Hulet
Thank you Keegan for teaching me life on and off the pitch. I'm thankful for you inspiring my work ethic and confidence. 

Chiyoka and Atsufumi Nakanishi  
I’ve seen him as very reliable and encouraging coach. He’s very good at motivating players and I really appreciated how he created a safe environment. He communicates with us very often and I always felt up to date with my son’s schedule and what he has been doing.

Nola Chen
My Nebula experience so far has been very enjoyable. Coach Keegan clearly cares a lot about player's development, and overall you get great training and conditioning that also comes with a few really fun extra practices.

Lulu Hao  
You are the first coach I have met who is really passionate about what they do and you really invest your time..."

Stacy Rockwood
Nebula gives players extra conditioning and support to help them achieve next levels in their playing. Keegan and his coaching focus on the individual’s needs rather than a one size fits all, which makes it enjoyable and useful for the player.
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