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Training Philosophy

Practice Makes Permanent

 At a Nebula training session, every single session has a purpose. Most people have heard of the phrase "Practice makes perfect." But at Nebula we go by the phrase "Practice makes permanent." It is absolutely vital for players to train with proper technique and guidance to maximize their benefit. 

You Play Like You Practice

At a Nebula training session, the player is expected to practice as they do in a game. Another phrase that most people have heard of is "Practice like you play." At Nebula we go by "You play like you practice." This puts more emphasis on understanding how important it is train at a high level and understanding you get out what you put into training.  

Play Outside your Comfort Zone

At a Nebula training session, the player must be willing to go out of their comfort zone. Making mistakes is an integral part of developing and learning as a soccer player. It is often said that the best athletes make the most mistakes.

S.M.A.R.T Goals

At a Nebula training session, the player must be willing and motivated to set goals. There have been several studies that show that people who write down goals achieve them at a higher rate than people who do not. Each player will set stepping stone goals to get up to the big dream goals. Nebula uses the SMART goal criteria.

Accepted by player

Growth Mindset 

At a Nebula training session, the player must have a growth mindset. This means that the player is always looking to get better and realistically there is never an end goal. They have an intrinsic motivation to just keep getting better. People with a fixed mind set tend to settle and do not achieve their full potential.

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